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Quarterly Edition – Issue Three


After a decade of the A-League, football in Australia is at a crossroads. Football Federation Australia’s plans for the next 20 years are highly ambitious as it sets on the path of making football ‘the largest and most popular sport in Australia’.

Leopold Method takes a look back at the key moments and people that have shaped FFA’s short history. This issue also looks at the challenges that elite female players have had to overcome to play for their country, the rich history of football in Newcastle and how the sport can develop its own historical narrative.

Issue 3 contains:
  • The Lessons of A-League Expansion | Vince Rugari
  • Sporting Spirit: The Culture and Mentality of Women’s Football | Pete Smith
  • Vitezslav Lavicka: The A-League’s Forgotten Revolutionary | Kate Cohen
  • Australian Soccer on the Edge of Legitimacy | Ian Syson (Read extract)
  • How the GFC Cut a Swathe Through the A-League | John Stensholt
  • Newcastle Football | Philip Mosely
  • Getting to Know Lyall Gorman | John Davidson
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Product Description

Leopold Method is a quarterly print publication that provides intelligent, insightful analysis on Australian football.

We write the stories that mainstream media can no longer do but are so important to the development of our game. Leopold Method plays a leading role in bringing key issues within football to the public’s attention.

As the modern game seeks to reconcile with its past, we aim to educate the football community about the game’s history. Leopold Method is also a vital educational resource for those who are developing the players of the future.

The Quarterly Edition is more like a book than a magazine. Each issue contains over 35,000 words in single column format, along with beautiful images. Australian-based artist Jamie Osborne is commissioned to produce a pencil sketch artwork for each cover.

Leopold Method contributors are considered to be Australia’s most respected journalists, academics, historians and analysts. There are stories everywhere in football and Leopold Method’s role is to bring them to life.


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