Leopold Baumgartner: Historical Lessons of a Marquee Player (Part 2)

The second instalment of this 3 part series on Leopold Baumgartner, reflects on his time at Canterbury, South Coast, APIA, and his treatment at the hands of NSW Federation officials. Click here to read part 1.  By applying his signature to a contract in a sports store in Kingsrove, in Sydney’s south west, Leo Baumgartner marked the next chapter in his Australian story. Baumgartner signed with Canterbury at the bequest of John Gray, the owner of the same sports store in [...]

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Leopold Baumgartner: Historical Lessons of a Marquee Player (Part 1)

Sydney Airport’s arrival terminal is buzzing with anticipation. A group of excited supporters, anxious club officials, and media await a football star’s arrival. As the player exits customs, adoring fans swarm him, and his wife is presented with bouquets of flowers. Sharp bursts of light from the swarm of photographer’s flashlights. Journalist and television cameraman jostle for prime position. For many this would read like another article on Sydney FC’s marquee signing, Alessandro Del Piero, arrival into Sydney. However, this [...]

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