RADIO | Interview with Ian Syson on the history of Aboriginal footballers

Host Richard Parkin interviews Ian Syson about the history of Aboriginal footballers. Parkin analyses the A-League with resident football analyst Kate Cohen and Danielle Warby covers the W-League. Click here to listen on iTunes.  Part 1 (Interview begins at 24 mins 25 sec) Richard Parkin: Welcome back to the Leopold Method Radio Show. I'm joined now by our very special guest, Ian Syson. He's a senior lecturer in literary studies and professional writing at Victoria University, and also runs an independent [...]

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The man behind Melita Eagles

I am seated at an Italian cafe in Pemulwuy in Sydney's western suburbs, and my subject is late for our interview. As the minutes pass, I receive a call from James Chetcuti, a former president of Melita Eagles and a current director at Football NSW. ‘Look, is it possible if you can come to Sam’s house? He’s a bit frail. He doesn’t move around like he used to.’ I don’t mind. Sam Vella, the former president of Melita Eagles, lives just [...]

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Radio | Interview with Roy Hay about the history of Australian Cup competitions

Host Richard Parkin interviews football historian Roy Hay about the history of Australian Cup competitions. Parkin analyses the A-League and the Socceroos with resident football analyst Kate Cohen. Click here to listen on iTunes. Part 1 (Interview begins at 26 min 40 sec) Richard Parkin: This is the Leopold Method show. Our very special guest Roy Hay is joining us over the telephone. He's one of Australia's most respected football historians, he's produced many books on the history of our [...]

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A Tribute to The Little Professor of Soccer – Leo Baumgartner

The passing of Leopold Baumgartner at the start of this week brought much sadness to the Australian football community. Those who watched him play talk about his skill and artistry. Those who knew him personally use the words ‘gentleman’, ‘servant’, and ‘ahead of his time.’ Baumgartner as a footballer was an entertainer at heart, a real showman. People flocked to see his sublime technical brilliance, attacking exploits, and exaggerated mannerisms. For many of us who never witnessed Baumgartner play, or [...]

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Caution Needed When Predicting the Future of Football in Australia

The standard equation for predicting the rise of Australian football reads something like this. If globalisation breaks down national barriers, in the process forcing Australia to become less insular, then it is only a matter of time before the world’s most popular sport, football, becomes the most popular sport in Australia. This equation was stridently put forward recently by Craig Foster in his regular column for the Sydney Morning Herald, under the headline Beautiful game offers our youth a ticket [...]

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