Australian soccer on the edge of legitimacy

Soccer has contended with dogs, demons and destabilisers since the first spherical balls rolled off the ships in the 1830s. The game’s legitimacy has been questioned by those outside the game ever since it was first advocated in the 1860s and while its first fleeting steps of organisation were taken in the 1870s. Dozens of reasons – including the game’s putative foreignness, feebleness, degenerate participants, absence of masculinity, wealth, corruption, colonialism and imperialism – have been used to cast doubt [...]

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History or heritage: FFA plans for a football museum

Football Federation Australia launched its whole of football strategy for the next 20 years on 5 May. Among the many targets of the document is a national museum for the code. “In the future football will celebrate our history,” said the report. “Football must establish a Football Museum to acknowledge the history of Football in Australia and establish a strong connection between Football’s present and its past’. Each medal tells a story The game is still recovering from the [...]

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We shall remember them: Dockerty Cup final 1914

The Dockerty Cup Unbeknown to many at the time, the Dockerty Cup Final of 1914 was to be the end of a brief and exciting era in Melbourne soccer. It concluded eight years of rapid growth in the game in terms of both quality and public interest. The final, played at Middle Park, was probably the last full-strength and meaningful competitive soccer fixture in Melbourne until after the conclusion of the First World War. While the Dockerty Cup [...]

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We shall remember them: The Lowe brothers

Tales of brothers at war have a powerful emotional appeal. The movie Saving Private Ryan is a good example of the way stories can be woven around the tragedy of brothers leaving to fight a war and the impact this has on their families and communities. In Michael McKernan’s Victoria at War, the early focus is on the Whitelaw family from Briagolong from which six sons enlisted. Four of them died as a result of being at the front. It provides [...]

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We shall remember them: Second Lieutenant Arthur Godfrey Goodson

Unlike most of his fellow players, who tended to be tradesmen or skilled labourers, Arthur Godfrey Goodson was one of a small cohort of soccer-playing Melbourne professionals. Born in 1886 and educated at Leeds Central High School, he went on to take a BSc at Leeds University where he excelled at sport, gaining a double blue for football and track sports. In 1913 he took a position as a science tutor at Scotch College in Melbourne where he was admired [...]

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