In Search of Blue Oceans: An Analysis on the A-League Business Model (Part 2)

The final instalment of this two-part series analyses the business model's of the PFA's Australian Premier League, John O'Neill's one team per city competition, and the current A-League club's operations.  In Search of Blue Oceans: An Analysis on the A-League Business Model (Part 1)    When presented the rules of the game, managers and owners will develop strategies and supporting tactics, to ensure their club is successful. John O’Neill’s one team per city model presented opportunities and challenges for each [...]

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In Search of Blue Oceans: An Analysis on the A-League Business Model (Part 1)

Part One of this two-part series examines the history of the establishment of the A-League, comparing the PFA's Australian Premier League plan, with the competition devised by John O'Neill.    “The key to sustaining competitive advantage is the business model being economically viable” The New Business Road Test - John Mullins With increases in crowd attendances, television audiences, and membership sales for the last couple of seasons, the A-League administrators – Football Federation Australia (FFA) – is still, and eternally will [...]

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Conversing with the Unsophisticated

There are many corpses of successful businessman who have made their venture into football, killed off through the savage nature of its business. Whilst the opiate of success and glory blinds many of them of the truth – that football is not the most profitable enterprise in the world. They come in all starry eyed. With hopes and dreams of winning over the people, bringing coveted trophies to adorn the oak wooded cabinets. …then reality sets in. The books stained [...]

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Be Careful Before Sharpening the Pencil

The Central Coast Mariners 12-member supporter representative group has people every club needs. True fans, who feel for their club, and only want success on and off the field. The Mariners success on the field however, has not translated into attendances. In an interview with Kathy Stone for Australian FourFourTwo, this issue was central point of concern expressed by group spokesman Simon Fisher. He stated that the base level of attendances should be 10,000 per match, and also addressed that [...]

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Let’s Take a Look at These Numbers More Closely

The presser came out from the FFA, the media obligingly reported it - more Australians than ever are watching the A-League. The key numbers reported by the national governing body: Average TV audiences at an all-time high of 82,886 (26% increase on last year). 20 of these matches averaged over 100,000. Average attendances at 12,925 (23% increase). Club memberships at an all-time high of 70,000 (12% increase). More people visited FFA websites (46% increase) and social media channels (28% increase). [...]

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