Developing technical players: Futboltec (Part 2)

As defensive structures get more sophisticated and the speed of the game increases, football development moves towards producing technically proficient players who can play under pressure. Shaun Mooney visit's Central Coast Mariners’ Glen Trifiro and his brother Jason's (Western Sydney Wanderers) academy, Futboltec, to see how they incorporate balance and coordination methods to improve the technique of junior players. Part 2 focuses on how to reduce the errors players make within a game, how to teach players to create angles [...]

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Developing technical players: Futboltec (Part 1)

Mini trampolines, air discs, wobble boards, elastic stretch bands, pipes, hoops and tennis balls. What sounds like a middle-aged person’s last desperate attempt to lose weight is actually the equipment used to improve the technique of junior footballers. Central Coast Mariners’ Glen Trifiro and his brother Jason, who plays with Western Sydney Wanderers, use this equipment to develop around 300 junior players in their academy, Futboltec. “We emphasise a lot on footwork, making them do little obstacles; over pipes, through [...]

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Technical Development: Aytek Genc

The memories start flooding back. It was 1992, about a week out from my fourteenth birthday, and I am standing on the hill in front of the scoreboard at Melita Stadium with fellow teenagers. The old Maltese men jokingly called us ‘hoodlums’. On the field were some of the best technical players that have graced Australian football; Gerry Gomez, Gabriel ‘Chi Chi’ Mendez, Marshall Soper and the man who is now sitting opposite me in a café in Sydney’s eastern [...]

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Inside the mind of a coach: Frank Farina

Leopold Method analysts have dissected the strengths and weaknesses of Sydney FC since the pre-season. One analyst who has been close to the action, Kate Cohen, sat down with Frank Farina to discuss his system, tactics and player selections. *** Leopold Method: You mentioned in your latest blog that no one had asked the reasons behind starting Nick Carle in the ‘Number 6’ role. So to start off, what was the reasoning behind starting the season with Carle in that [...]

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Inside the mind of a coach: Mark Rudan (Part 2)

In Part Two of Leopold Method’s feature 'Inside the Mind of a Coach', Mark Rudan takes us through different aspects of being a coach, setting challenges and why communication is the key to getting the best out of your players. Read: Inside of the Mind of a Coach: Mark Rudan (Part 1) *** On Planning a Session and a Season "One of the most important things is, every time you put on a session it needs to be related to [...]

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