Inside the mind of a coach: Mark Rudan (Part 1)

Preseason is already underway and the 2014 season is fast approaching as Sydney United 58 look to defend their National Premier League title. In his first season in charge of Sydney United, manager Mark Rudan led his side to the inaugural NPL title after they beat South Hobart in the final. Despite the incredible successes of last season, little is known about Rudan as a manager and Mark sat down with Leopold Method to discuss his football philosophy, the success with [...]

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Coaching from the Kybalion

It is often said that a talented coach has the 'Midas touch'; that every adjustment they make turns to gold, a football alchemist of sorts. It is sometimes important to turn our attention to the past in order to understand the present, and often ancient lessons provide very relevant advice for modern life. Where better for a football coach then to take notes from old alchemical texts. The Kybalion is a book released anonymously in 1908 by an unknown group [...]

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FFA National Premier Leagues Model Victoria 2014

Coaching Requirements for 2014

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Bending the Spoon – Altering yourself to disfigure the opposition

Boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth. Neo: What truth? Boy: There is no spoon. Neo: There is no spoon? Boy: Then you'll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself. The Illusion Above is one of the most famous scenes from the 1999 film, The Matrix. At first glance, its significance to football is virtually non-existent. Look deeper, and it contains a valuable lesson [...]

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Angles of Support

The debate about set positions has fuelled recent discussions. This is due to the growing trend of teams playing without a recognized striker, and the debate surrounding the 1-4-3-3 formation detailed in Football Federation Australia's (FFA) National Football Curriculum. Formations themselves are a very generic guide, and certainly not the most important thing to consider when analyzing a team, especially when attacking. More important is the movement allowed within the confines of how a team is set up. The key [...]

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