Pathways: Japan’s Pursuit of Technical Excellence

When the J.League was launched each club was mandated to have a commitment to youth development. Beginning in 1994 the J-Youth Cup was launched as a vehicle for club sides to play matches at junior level. By the turn of the century the emphasis on youth football was further enshrined when the league insisted every current and future club must establish junior or school teams in addition to under-15 and under-18 sides and their reserve sides. Players saw a clear [...]

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The importance of entropy

Football is a microcosm of life. Two hugely powerful forces are prevalent in both, dancing and wrestling with each other for power and keeping them in balance is of utmost importance for coaches. The first of these forces is Entropy. Chaos, calculated destruction. The breakdown of intelligence and structure into disorder. The counter-force is Intelligence which brings order, structure and life. The creation of structure out of chaos in defiance of entropy. It seems as coaches we can be prone [...]

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Radio | Interview with Prof. Richard Light about the Holistic approach to training

Host Richard Parkin interviews Professor Richard Light about the Holistic approach to training. Parkin analyses the A-League with resident football analyst Kate Cohen and Ann Odong covers the W-League. Click here to listen on iTunes.  Part 1 (Interview begins at 25 min 32 sec) Richard Parkin: Welcome back, this is the Leopold Method radio show. Our very special guest today is Professor Richard Light. He's the Professorial Research Fellow at Federation University. Professor Light is an expert on physical education [...]

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Radio | Episode 5 – Interview with Raymond Verheijen about football conditioning

Resident football analyst Kate Cohen interviews Raymond Verheijen about sports science. Host Richard Parkin analyses the A-League with Cohen and Ann Odong covers the W-League. Click here to listen on iTunes.  Part 1 (Interview begins at 29 min 10 sec) Richard Parkin: Welcome back to the Leopold Method Radio Show. Our very special guest today is world renowned conditioning expert Raymond Verheijen. He was recently in Australia educating coaches on football periodisation. Our very own Kate Cohen caught up with him [...]

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Finding the right approach

As the Asian Cup approaches, Australia has plummeted to its lowest ever FIFA world ranking. So much for being the best in Asia – Australia aren’t even in the top ten nations in the confederation. 94th in the world, 11th in Asia. It doesn’t make for pretty reading. That the Young Socceroos have failed to qualify for the U-20 World Cup adds to the sense of doom and gloom. It's the perfect time to have a debate on the direction of [...]

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