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Riccardo’s recent roles as a National Premier League Technical Director and Under 20 head coach follow experience in Football Federation Victoria's State Development Program, as well as coaching senior football in the Women's Premier League and the highly successful Victoria University squad. He is one of the country's youngest AFC A Licence candidates and has studied a Bachelor of Sport Coaching, with the aim to work in high performance football as a coach, analyst or traveling scout.

WCQ – Defensive analysis of Socceroos’ opponent: Iraq

CLICK HERE to read WCQ - Attacking analysis of Socceroos' opponent: Iraq   Note: The two matches analysed are Iraq’s last two “full strength” qualifiers, hence, the omission of their final group game against Vietnam, in which they fielded a weakened side. Since these games took place, Iraq have reappointed 2015 Asian Cup coach Radhi Shenaishil and veterans Mahmoud (10), Rehema (15), Shaker (14) and Sabri (22) have retired from international duty, while right back Jassim (13) and winger Faisal (16) were [...]

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WCQ – Attacking analysis of Socceroos’ opponent: Iraq

When asked in a recent interview about the Socceroos’ detailed preparation, coach Ange Postecoglou said that, “The preparation is the same no matter who we play. We make sure we get eyes on our opponents in a live sense obviously and with video … Our scanning network is really good and our coaches make sure that our players have every bit of information they need.” On that note, it’s important that Australia’s curious football public is afforded an opportunity to [...]

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The importance of entropy

Football is a microcosm of life. Two hugely powerful forces are prevalent in both, dancing and wrestling with each other for power and keeping them in balance is of utmost importance for coaches. The first of these forces is Entropy. Chaos, calculated destruction. The breakdown of intelligence and structure into disorder. The counter-force is Intelligence which brings order, structure and life. The creation of structure out of chaos in defiance of entropy. It seems as coaches we can be prone [...]

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Dominate to Press, Press to Dominate – The Integrated Cycle behind the Socceroos’ Success

After the Socceroos semi-final win over United Arab Emirates, Ange Postecoglou said he was pleased that the Australian public had responded positively to the new look side. Indeed Australia's determination to dominate possession and territory in has forced many football aficionados to rub their eyes in disbelief. In years gone by we could only dream of seeing this type of football domination. Postecoglou’s Socceroos team always tries dominates possession, not in the defensive half, but in the dangerous territory ahead [...]

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Why verticality is the next revolution in Football’s tactical cycle

In an evolutionary process, one progression leads to another and the lessons learned from the previous step become the primary building blocks for the next. Sometimes this evolution is more of a revolution occurring in cycles where past ideas, albeit with slight adjustments, are brought back to counter the current ones. In football, it is often the clubs and nations at the pinnacle who must constantly strive for progression in order to maintain their edge over rivals. If the successful [...]

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