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Doug is currently studying a degree in Sports Coaching and Administration. He is also completing an internship as a performance analyst and holds accreditation in Football Coaching, Strength and Conditioning and as a Sportscode user.

What can we learn from the Germans?

It has been written ad nauseum post World Cup; the Germans disastrous performance at Euro 2000 saw the introduction of compulsory youth academies which lead to their 2014 World Cup victory. But what can Australia learn from the Germans and how does our proposed solution, the National Football Curriculum, compare to the German’s? 10 Years of Academies In 2011, the German Bundesliga produced a 48 page report titled “10 Years of Academies - Talent pools of top-level German football”, the [...]

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Australia vs Spain Preview

It is hard to believe that anyone could have seen this coming. Not that the defending World Cup winners have been knocked out at the group stage, but that many Australians now honestly believe that the Socceroos could get a result against Spain - and with good reason. Formation Spain will undoubtedly line up in a 4-2-3-1 formation, however determining which players will feature in the starting XI is almost impossible to predict. For the likes of Andres Iniesta, Xavi, [...]

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Australia vs Netherlands Preview

The Netherlands are arguably the most inform European side at the World Cup. But due to the injury to Kevin Strootman, leading to the subsequent change in structure, many believed they may struggle to get past the group stage. That is why their 5-1 victory over Spain has been the biggest shock of the tournament so far - and one of the best World Cup matches in recent memory. It is difficult to analyse their performance against Spain and preview [...]

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Australia vs Chile Preview

Recent Form Chile have gained a lot of attention on the back of their international friendly’s against Germany and England. Despite losing 1-0 to Germany, their attacking style was widely praised. Despite the significant amount of analysis on their aggressive pressing and attacking game style, their has been little attention made to their surprising fragile defence. Despite the constant press coverage about Chile’s chances of toppling Spain and the Netherlands to get past the group stage, the reality is that [...]

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Socceroos WC Preview – A Statistical Analysis

The Socceroos last three friendlies have given us a glimpse into the playing style that coach Ange Postecoglou is looking to implement. From these performances we can analyse key performance indicators (KPI’s) to see what areas could be crucial for Australia during the World Cup. Key: BP (Ball Possession), TRANS (Transition), SP (Set Piece), PA ENTRY (Penalty Area Entry), KZ ENTRY (Killing Zone Entry), REC (Recoveries), TKL (Tackles), INT (Intercepts).  The Importance of the Killing Zone The Killing [...]

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