WCQ – Defensive analysis of Socceroos’ opponent: Iraq

CLICK HERE to read WCQ - Attacking analysis of Socceroos' opponent: Iraq   Note: The two matches analysed are Iraq’s last two “full strength” qualifiers, hence, the omission of their final group game against Vietnam, in which they fielded a weakened side. Since these games took place, Iraq have reappointed 2015 Asian [...]

WCQ – Attacking analysis of Socceroos’ opponent: Iraq

When asked in a recent interview about the Socceroos’ detailed preparation, coach Ange Postecoglou said that, “The preparation is the same no matter who we play. We make sure we get eyes on our opponents in a live sense obviously and with video … Our scanning network is really good [...]


The restlessness of the aspirationals

In February 2014, FFA chief executive David Gallop made an announcement that would ignite the promotion and relegation movement. FFA granted the nine Australian A-League franchises a 20-year licence extension, a move to curry favour with the owners, although Wellington Phoenix would have to wait until last week to be [...]

Gallop’s virtuous cycle

Up until the launch of the Whole of Football Plan, FFA chief executive David Gallop’s impact on football had been mainly the result of fortuitous timing and diligent execution of plans created mainly by his predecessors. As Gallop took the stage in front of the media on Sydney’s harbour on [...]


Pathways: Japan’s Pursuit of Technical Excellence

When the J.League was launched each club was mandated to have a commitment to youth development. Beginning in 1994 the J-Youth Cup was launched as a vehicle for club sides to play matches at junior level. By the turn of the century the emphasis on youth football was further enshrined [...]

The importance of entropy

Football is a microcosm of life. Two hugely powerful forces are prevalent in both, dancing and wrestling with each other for power and keeping them in balance is of utmost importance for coaches. The first of these forces is Entropy. Chaos, calculated destruction. The breakdown of intelligence and structure into [...]


Australian soccer on the edge of legitimacy

Soccer has contended with dogs, demons and destabilisers since the first spherical balls rolled off the ships in the 1830s. The game’s legitimacy has been questioned by those outside the game ever since it was first advocated in the 1860s and while its first fleeting steps of organisation were taken [...]

History or heritage: FFA plans for a football museum

Football Federation Australia launched its whole of football strategy for the next 20 years on 5 May. Among the many targets of the document is a national museum for the code. “In the future football will celebrate our history,” said the report. “Football must establish a Football Museum to acknowledge the [...]